the fenix games arnold classic, Barcelona
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classification phase online 20€ -
final phase face-to-face 50€ -

Important: The registration has to be as individual. For mixed teams go to the event The Fenix Games Lloret.

individual awards
  • 1ST QUALIFY: 3.000
  • 2ND QUALIFY: 1.500
  • 3RD QUALIFY: 500
  • 1ST QUALIFY: 3.000
  • 2ND QUALIFY: 1.500
  • 3RD QUALIFY: 500


The Arnold Classic Europe will hold its next edition in September 2017. During three uninterrupted days of EXPO, the main national and international companies of the Crossfit b23 sector will meet. In addition, as every year, the fair has a multi-sport area that will host more than 40 sports disciplines including Crossfit b23, and is where the Fenix Games Arnold Classic will be held.

The competition consists of two stages:

1) Online ranking: Each athlete will compete in 5 qualifying WODS, prepared for 2 categories (RX and SCALED). Optionally in this online ranking you can also register as a mixed team of 5 athletes, you must make a new registration and it will serve to qualify you in the other event that we made the The Fenix Games Lloret

2) Final phase: The classified athletes will compete in an indeterminate number of wods during the days of Arnold Classic in Barcelona. Only individual in the Final Phase, not teams.

Who can participate?

Any athlete who meets the required age requirements: be 18 years old on the start day of the final phase can register to compete in The Fēnix Games.

When and where?

The online phase begins on 06/12/2017 and ends on 07/07/2017, and the final stage will take place on 22, 23 and 24 September 2017, at the Fira de Gran Via in Barcelona.


The first step that you must do if you want to participate in the event is registering yourself in the Online Classification Phase:

-Registering as Individual

The price is € 20 per athlete.

Optionally you can register as mixed teams in this online ranking, you must make a new record, but will not serve the final "individual" stage of this event Arnold Classic, but will be to participate as "teams" in our other event The Fenix Games Lloret Of Mar, the price per team for this online ranking is € 100 per team.

registry is done through the Wodbuster platform and there you must choose the category in which you are going to participate (SCALED or RX), and complete with your data the requirements that are requested there.

register NOW


If you want to participate as a team in the Final Phase in "The Fenix Games Lloret de Mar", you will have to make a new registration. If you want to participate as a team in the final phase of the event "The Fenix Games Arnold Classic".

The Final Stage "The Fenix Games Arnold Classic" will be only for singles, while "The Fenix Games Lloret de Mar" will be for teams only.


The online ranking phase will begin on 12/06/2017, that day will be published the first test and the following wod will be published on 06/19/2017 and 06/23/2017. The qualifying phase will end on Monday 7/21/2017 at 11:59 PM.

The wod of qualification will be published in the official page of The Fēnix Games through Wodbuster and in its Social Networks, every Monday at 00:01 the deadline to raise the score of all wods is on Monday 7/2/2017 at 23:59.



In the online ranking it is up to you to upload your results. After our publication of the wod of the week, in Wodbuster you must upload your video demonstrating that you have taken the test (be sure to film it from a good angle that is visible to the judges).

In order to make the results have veracity and transparency, the classification wod must be observed and judged by a judge and once published the result and uploaded the video, these will be validated by the organization.

All videos will be in the public domain, and may be reviewed by anyone who so wishes.

It is the responsibility of each athlete to publish the results and videos within the dates determined by the organization. The results with the incomplete information (lack of some data in the result, lack of the athlete's name, or the name of the judge, or links to the video that do not work) will not be accepted.


Through Wodbuster, once your results and videos have been reviewed online, we will show the final classification.

For the winners, there will be a prize of € 50 for the top ranked male, and € 50 for the top ranked female of each of the wod of the online qualifying phase.

There will be a prize of 200 € - category RX and 100 € -category Scaled for the best classified team of each of the online qualification wod.

The video of the wod has to be published and the result validated by the organization to claim the prize.

All prizes are subject to the application of taxes and legal requirements.

See classification


The final stage will be held on 22, 23 and 24 September at the Arnold Classic Europe event at the Fira de Barcelona. During these days, each athlete will compete individually and must surpass the tests that are imposed. In order to be part of this event, the athletes must have passed the online qualifying phase


Once the online qualifying phase is over, the athletes will receive information regarding: accommodation suggestions, credentials and invitations. In the email will also include: a schedule, place of registration and information of the places of interest, both of the event.

Registration will be done in the same way as in the first stage: athletes must register through Wodbuster, and pay the fee.

Access fees to the final phase: € 50 per athlete.

This fee will not be refunded in case the athlete is finally unable to attend the face-to-face event.


In the Final Phase "The Fenix Games Arnold classic" only individual athletes, not teams, can participate. If you want to participate as a team we invite you to do so at our next event "The Fenix Games Lloret de Mar".

Final phase record


Once the online qualification stage is finished and the results are published, you will be able to obtain here a list of all the classified athletes that will compete in the final stage in the event The Fénix Games in the Arnold Classic of Barcelona.

See athletes


The Phoenix Games-Arnold Classic Barcelona in its final stage will award the best athletes in each category:



1er Classified: 3.000€

2º Classified: 1.500€

3er Classified: 500€


1er Classified: 3.000€

2º Classified: 1.500€

3er Classified: 500€

All prizes are subject to the application of taxes and legal requirements.

See classification
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